Private Youth Firearm Safety

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Youth Firearm Safety Class

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Our youth firearm safety class is designed to work for kids of all ages. Only YOU can decide when your child is ready for firearms training! Below is a normal outline of the class, but as the parent, you decide if your child is ready to handle guns and how much.

At least one parent is required to attend class with your child/children.

We begin with a lesson on how important it is to not touch firearms without a parent or trusted adult present (you will help them define who are their trusted adults). We will learn the NRA Safety Rules (and repeat them over several times throughout class until everybody has them memorized). We will learn the fundamentals of good marksmanship and some gun-handling techniques. We’ll learn how firearms work and what happens when you pull the trigger. Then we’ll go outside for some shooting.

Kids will have the opportunity to shoot a single-shot .22 rifle, and a variety of handguns (all the way up to a .45). But we don’t push kids to shoot anything that’s beyond their comfort level. Whenever they reach the point that they don’t want to try a higher caliber – they can continue shooting what they’re comfortable with for the rest of class.

I want this to be a fun and educational experience for your child. One that he or she will remember. I try hard to strike a balance between having a good time, and impressing the serious nature of firearms and the damage they can do when handled inappropriately.

1 review for Private Youth Firearm Safety

  1. Shelsea Siu

    I had so much fun taking the class and Becky instructed things very thoroughly. It definitely is worth the time and money. She did amazing. 🙂

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