20160422_144130Hi! My name is Becky Bittle and I’m a firearms instructor. Thanks for stopping by my little home on the web.

My grandpa taught me to shoot his .22 rifle in 1979 when I was seven. I picked up my first handgun in 2005. I got my Oklahoma Handgun License in 2007. Early in 2015 I decided to become an instructor and opened a chapter of a ladies shooting club in Tulsa.

But all that – those are just the facts. They aren’t the story. Here’s the story…

In 1992 I got married – to a man that I didn’t think could ever be an abuser. He cried when he told me that his father was abusive, but that he could never be like his father.


That experience taught me to feel powerless in the face of a larger and stronger adversary. But “I picked up my first handgun in 2005”. Such a simple sentence that made such a huge difference in my life. Learning to shoot taught me that I no longer needed to feel powerless.

Something else you should know about me. I’m a preacher’s kid. And I’ve had those “church friends” who’ve said “Don’t you believe that God can protect you?”

And that is where I got the name for my business and this website. Yes, I believe that God can protect me! But He doesn’t expect me to go unprepared. He didn’t expect David to face Goliath unarmed, did He? He took the tool that David had trained with daily and used it miraculously to defend not only David, but his family and his people as well. And should I ever face a situation where my life or the lives of my family, friends, or others are in peril, I believe that He can use the tool that I train with daily to defend us as well.

I’m so glad you decided to stop by. Now let’s go put some downrange!

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