Handgun Licensing – 12/2


Oklahoma SDA class

Saturday – December 2nd


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Oklahoma Handgun Licensing / Concealed Carry Class

Saturday – December 2nd


This class is for anybody – 18 and up (you can’t get your license until you’re 21, but your certificate is good for 3 years, so…). Since it’s co-ed, it’s a great class for couples and families to take together!

This is the class you need to take to get your Oklahoma Handgun licence, which will allow you to concealed carry or open carry a firearm. We go over the laws of the state of Oklahoma, so that you know you’re in compliance. We go over safety, gun handling and marksmanship. You’ll get to take a look at all the holsters I’ve used over the years, and hear why I hated or loved each one. I’ll even share some of my favorite training tips – ways you can sharpen your skills at home – and ways to make the most of your money when you are paying for range time. Our small class sizes mean that you can get all the individual instruction you need to help you be safe and confident with your firearm.

After you sign up for this class, you will receive an email with details (directions, what to bring, etc).


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