Domestic Violence Survivors

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If you have been a victim of domestic violence at any point in your life – I want to help you!

I’ll offer you a FREE spot at one of my regularly scheduled classes. I recommend the Ladies-Only classes.

If you are afraid to come to a regular class, I’m willing to schedule a private class for you at half price. (Just $50 for a one-on-one)

I have been where you are! I want to help! The State of Oklahoma wants to help too – so if you are currently in an abusive situation, ask about getting a Permanent Victims Protective Order. With one, you can get a temporary license to carry until your paperwork is processed for your permanent license. I want you to be confident, protected, and safe!

To keep people from taking advantage (because as survivors of domestic violence – we all know people who take advantage, right?), you must show me some form of proof that you are a domestic violence survivor to get this discount. A restraining order, police report or similar, no matter how long ago, will work. If you don’t have those items, but think you have something else that should be acceptable, contact me. I’m sure we can work something out.

Please send me a message requesting the coupon code for this offer!


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