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Private Handgun Licensing Class on your schedule

Please use the scheduling calendar below to reserve your class date!

PLEASE NOTE: The $25 price listed is a non-refundable scheduling fee for a private class, which will be deducted from your class fees.

Class fees (payable on the day of class): $25 per participant

If you have fewer than four participants, please reserve a spot at a regularly scheduled class and ask for the Church Security Team discount.


Recent violent attacks on churches have concerned me greatly. I want every congregation that would like to protect themselves with an armed security team to be able to do that.

I will offer Oklahoma SDA courses for half price to your church security team, whether volunteer or paid staff. Pastor or church approval is required to receive this special pricing. All I ask is that participants sign a pledge, which you can view at the bottom of this page. (Pastors are not expected to sign this pledge). You must have at least four participants to receive this special rate.

This class can also go on the road! If you have a safe place to shoot, and are within 50 miles of Tulsa, we can come to you. (Farther distances negotiable – with an extra fee for mileage)

This is the class you need to take to get your Oklahoma Handgun licence, which will allow you to concealed carry or open carry a firearm. We go over the laws of the state of Oklahoma, so that you know you’re in compliance. We go over safety, gun handling and marksmanship. We’ll talk about special considerations of defending others – especially in a church setting. And most importantly – you can ask ANYTHING! You’re among friends. We’ll take the time to answer all your questions. And our small class sizes mean that you can get all the individual instruction you need to help you be safe and confident with your firearm.

After you sign up for this class, you will receive an email with details (directions, what to bring, etc). Check the calendar below for available dates. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the discount, I cannot schedule this as a private class for fewer than four participants! If there are fewer than four of you, please reserve a spot at one of my regularly scheduled classes, and ask for the Church Security Team discount.

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