DSC_0116 editFive Little Stones – where firearm safety is NEVER a shot in the dark!

My goal is to help you be safe and confident with your firearm. I offer several options to help you grow towards that goal.

Take the Oklahoma Handgun Licensing class. This class will teach you the gun laws of Oklahoma and the basics of good marksmanship. But most importantly, we’ll learn what it takes to use and store your handgun safely.

If you’d rather not sit in a classroom full of strangers, you can take a private class, just for yourself or with friends. It’s a fun and easy, no-stress way to learn. And we have the flexibility to tailor your class to your needs and experience level.

I also offer youth classes, both for young shooters and for those not yet old enough to shoot. Teach your kids right, right from the start!

Ladies, I offer classes just for you also!

If you’re looking for something I haven’t mentioned, just call and ask. We can probably work something out to fit your needs!